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Whether it’s an obnoxious traffic lane, a stubborn spot, or just general dirt, we can erase it with our Hypoallergenic treatments. We’ll revitalize your carpet so it looks great and feels soft once more – and it won’t take ages to dry!

Our low-moisture cleaning process dries in just one hour, so you and your family can get back to living life. Best of all, our cleanings aren’t just limited to carpet – we can also rescue upholstery! We’ll make your entire living room look great, from carpets to couch!

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Our residential  cleaning solutions are designed to bring back that original look, smell, and feel. Our pre-spray will start the process in the worst areas, loosening the dirt and grime’s grip. Then we come in with our eco friendly solution – a combination of our oxygenated booster and our EPA Safer Choice certified encapsulator – and then we finish with a carpet extractor.

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Pittsburgh Green Carpet Cleaning

About us

We are fully Green, licensed, insured, and committed to providing top-quality professional cleaning services for your business or home.   


Our staff are highly trained professionals that specialize in carpet, upholstery, furniture, and area rugs.  If you’re selling, buying, or just need a maintenance carpet cleaning, we will fit your budget.  

We’re green!  Beware of companies using harsh chemicals around kids, pets, and loved ones!  Safe natural cleaning products were our number 1 concern, so rest assured your loved ones can lay down directly on the carpet without any fears!


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Breathe better.  Rest assured.



No 6 hour window with us, we work around your schedule!

Another frustration is waiting around the other guys’ window schedule.  I’ve never enjoyed waiting around my house for half of my day off, so we’ve committed to a 1 hour window in most cases.

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24/7 Emergency Service available. 

We pride ourselves in the most thorough cleaning process using the latest training, techniques, equipment, and green supplies available.  We even offer 24 hour emergency water damage services for when the unexpected happens. 



Carpet Services

We specialize in Green Carpet cleaning, extracting, shampooing, stain removal, deodorizing, and steam cleaning.   High traffic, stains, spills, pet situations, smoke, and even mold, we are the experts.



If we can steam it, we can clean it.  Billions of dead skin particles, dirt, bacteria, pet debris can end up building up IN your furniture over the years.  We specialize in safely steam cleaning any surface with near boiling level temperatures to kill any unwanted life force hanging around your loved ones.  Most of the time, we require ZERO chemicals to do this.

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Email 24/7 – info@pittsburghgreencarpetclean.com

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